The error cc891 can be called as a runtime error. This usually happens when the login information entered in Quicken is incorrect. You can face this error also when the entered password is incorrect. This error also strikes when you need to upgrade Quicken for online services.

What you think the most possible causes of the Quicken Error Cc-891 are?
Quicken is not showing its latest version.
Incorrect credentials are available in Quicken.
Damaged or corrupt Quicken files.

The error codes make quicken won’t open.These issues do happen at times just as other errors and are needed to be solved immediately.It is always recommended to backup any data present in Quicken before troubleshooting. For this :
Log in to your Quicken account by username and password
Select the “file “ option
From the submenu, select “Backup and Restore” option
Click “Backup Quicken File”
Confirm the process by clicking “Backup Now”
You can now Fix the error cc891
Try these below methods are see if you can avoid error cc891

Method 1: Update Quicken To The Latest Version
First launch Quicken in Windows operating system you are using
Log in to your Quicken account by username and password
Go to “Help” section
Click on “Check for Updates” from the submenu
If your Quicken software is up to date, there is no need to worry .
If you are using an outdated version, obviously there will be a pop up window giving you the instructions to update to the newest version likewise.
Click on “yes” option to install the newest release
It will take a few minutes to install the updated version of Quicken software.


Method 2: Refreshing your Online Account Information
Log in to your Quicken account by username and password
Go to your account register, and then consequently select the settings in the form of actions gear icon
Select Update Now.
On the next screen, give your Bank Password
Select Update Now.
Finally, wait till the update process is successfully upgraded


Method 3: Deactivate The Account Which Has got Quicken Error CC-891
Log in to your Quicken account by username and password
Select the menu “ tools”
Select the submenu accounts list from tools
Click on“edit” button on the account listings window that displays the error code cc891
Go and click on “online services” option
Select the “deactivate” option
Confirm the “yes” option for your decision
Tap on Done

After doing the above steps, the account has been deactivated temporarily. Therefore you need to proceed further and reactivate the account in similar way.

Method 4: Reactivating the account
Firstly, log in to your Quicken account by username and password in the same way
Select the menu “tools”
Select the submenu accounts list from tools
Click on“edit” button on the account listings window that displays the error code cc800
Go and on “online services” option
Hit “set up” option
Quicken software makes you enter your bank login information
Save your necessary password
Press on “connect” option
Select Next
Click on Finish.
Issues affected by other versions of Quicken
Obviously, there are issues that versions such as the quicken 2017 won’t open. For example, users do define queries. Moreover, the early version of 2016 of quicken , also had a problem, as the quicken 2016 won’t open and this was the issue faced by a lot of users similar to some errors which occured earlier. However, if you are having a file with you that won’t load, then a data file corruption is the likely cause and you can get a trick for this here, see if it helps in addition to these fixes.Similarly this is the case for all errors.
Trick to Resolve Error got while loading Quicken versions 2016/2017

Open Quicken accordingly by entering credentials while holding Ctrl and once the software is open, you can get hold of the corresponding data file finally. Meanwhile, if it opens correctly without interruption, then perform a data file validation by going to “files” thus selecting “file operations” and finally clicking on “validate”.
Again, you will be in trouble if the file does not open. Besides, you will feel better if you restore it from a previous backup as a result and do it until the corruption behavior is eliminated. Do this by the above backup and restore method.

If these steps don’t fix the errors, there may be other causes. Also, there are issues of users claiming that quicken won’t open after update.Moreover, if you recently opened this account and are still a new user, then there may not be transactions available to download from your bank at all. Besides it might show as null which is infact not good.

First,you just need to wait one or two business days until there are transactions posted on the bank’s website, and then update your account with One Step Update by following the above steps because this might help to eradicate the problem. Moreover,if this is an already existing account of yours, it’s likely that the errors like cc891 are caused likely by a server issue .However, you can wait next three business days and try these steps again to fix the errors. However, soon this will give a solution
In conclusion, obviously the most important thing above all is that if the errors do not subside and goes beyond your ability,this is because of some serious issue and therefore most importantly you need to call the quicken team so that all the issues are cleared.